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6 Best Gas Can Reviews For DIY Freaks In 2019

Let’s assume you are a DIY person. You like to do things yourself. From mowing your backyard to splitting logs, you do all the works with your hand. To work properly you need some tools and appliances. The best gas can is one of the most essential stuff for DIYers like us beside a hammer and grease gun.
NATO Jerry Fuel Can
NATO Jerry Can From Amazon

Just assume, you are mowing your lawn, and the engine shuts off. After a quick check, you find out that it is out of gasoline. So you bring in your gas can and try to refill your lawnmower or your SUV. Otherwise, you should go to the gas station for a refill.

At one point you see that the gasoline is overflowing! You will probably think, what a waste, isn’t it?

Gasoline is not too cheap to give away because it comes with a hefty price. Another thing you see after stopping to pour down the gas is that there is still some gasoline dripping from the nozzle. Though it’s not utterly possible to completely prevent all the dripping, the gas can reduce the amount. And that is why you need to buy only the best gas tank available.

You should never go for a cheap gas can, because of their cheap build quality. We will discuss more on our buying guide section on this topic.

Storage cans can be of mainly of two types. Plastic and metal. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of both the genres and try to give you an insight on which one would be perfect for you to buy. Keeping all these factors in mind, I will review few recommended gas cans for you.

Top 4 Gas Cans for You in 2019:

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 No-Spill Can


Justrite Storage Can


Briggs & Stratton Gas Can


Wavian Jerry Fuel Can

Best Gas Can Reviews

Reviews of Plastic Gas Cans

Plastic gas cans are vastly popular, widely used and available everywhere. If you are looking for the best cheap storage cans, following top-rated gasoline cans can seal the deal for you. Please read all these gas cans reviews carefully before buying one. We have tried and reviewed more than 15 plastic oil cans before choosing our top 3 for 2019.

Keeping all these factors in mind, I will write about the best gas cans for you.

No-Spill 1405 Poly Gas Can

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This 2 and a ½ gallon poly gas can from No-Spill is the best gas can that I have found in the entire market. It is the features and user reviews that make it at the top. No spill is a trusted name in gas can industry, we have found most no-spill gas can review are favorable to the brand.

There is a thumb button control in the tank opening for zero spilling. Its 7/8 inch funnel spout fills the smallest equipment you have at your disposal. There is a dust cover attached with the spout to keep it dust free. The spout even has a 20 mesh stainless steel screen integrated inside to keep your equipment away from possible dirt particles.

Spills mostly occur when you tip a standard can to insert the spout into the tank, or when you remove the spout from the target vessel before overflowing. The No-Spill spout is entirely user controlled so you tip the can vertical, insert the spout into the vessel opening, then press the button to begin and control pouring. To stop pouring merely release the button. It practically eliminates spills and overflows.

It is the only Spill-Proof spout with thumb button control that does not push down on your tank filler neck to pour. You get more control and fewer tip-overs of your small equipment. The fastest pouring Spill-Proof nozzle available measuring up to 3 gals/min, compared to other brands at 1.5 to 2.0 gal/min. It has features like autostop removable nozzle, single opening for filling & pouring, and treated can body for low permeation.

It fills equipment without the need to press down on the tank opening. The 6-inch Flex Spout Extension (sold separately) allows filling of on-road vehicles, boats and many other hard to reach tank openings. No-Spill gasoline cans are tested and certified to ASTM F-85299 Standard Specification for Portable Gasoline Containers for Consumer Use.


Midwest 31733 5 Gallon Spill Proof Gas Can

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The Midwest 5 gallon gas can comes with a convenient top handle and back grip for ease in carrying and pouring. This high-quality gas can won’t rust, dent, or corrode, and the spill-proof system allows safe transportation and storage of fuel.

This storage can is great for riding lawn mowers and other large equipment such as generators. This top best gas tank comes with a spill-proof system and complies with CARB (California Air Resources Board) and fuel container requirements for CA, DE, NY, MD, and PA.


Briggs & Stratton 85053 5-Gallon Gas Can

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Briggs & Stratton gas containerstapered profile reduces tip-overs. Auto shut off and reduced emissions protect the environment. The spill-proof system conserves energy. Features like the hi-tech spout, auto shut-off, self-venting for safer & easier pouring, child-resistant, angled tip, and U-CUP seals make it a worthy contender to be in your buying list.

The EPA and CARB compliant design is available in all 50 states. The smart-fill spout with twist-anchor-push operation keeps the fuel and fumes contained. Dust cap keeps dirt and dust out. And the 5 gallons of the volume is perfect for medium to large size gas powered equipment.


Reviews of Metal Gas Cans

Metal gas cans are suitable for storing gasoline or for the long ride. Among all the metal oil cans, 10 gallon and best 5-gallon fuel cans are popular. And obviously, you can’t deny the usefulness of a NATO jerry can.

1-gallon gas cans are also popular, but we are only focusing on the larger best gas cans for writing this review.

Justrite 7250130 Galvanized Steel, AccuFlow Type II Red Safety Can

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The convenience of AccuFlow with Safe-Squeeze trigger enables you to go beyond safety and protection by providing for you a safe and controlled pouring. When handling flammable liquids, you will be presented with the means to regulate the flow rate by Justrite’s patented manifold and proportional flow-control Safe-Squeeze trigger.

Fill port with ergonomic lift lever makes filling easy. Flexible 9-inch (229 millimeters) long metal hose spout helps control the pour into small openings. Each of the cans is made from high-grade coated steel and is pressure tested to ensure quality. The strong powder-coat finish resists chemicals and stands up to demand extreme use.

The stainless steel flame arrester which is equipped with all Justrite safety can dissolve heat to stop flashback ignition. The sealed lid has automatic positive‑pressure relief that vents between 3 and 5 psi (o.2 and 0.35 bar) to keep you safe from the explosion.

Large label ID zone provides writing space to identify contents, department location or individual username. Self-closing lid controls vapors and spills. Stainless steel flame arrester for exceptional corrosion protection – reliably dissipates heat to prevent flashback ignition.

Long 3-1/2″ (88mm) length arrester allows safe, secure placement of gasoline nozzle. Certified by FM, Ul/ULC, and TÜV, safety can also meet OSHA and NFPA requirements.


Eagle UI-50-FS Red Galvanized Steel Type I Gasoline Safety Can

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The US made Eagle 5 Gallon Red Safety Gasoline Can is highly durable and easy to use. It comes with features like 5-gallon volume, type L, safety gasoline can with the f-15 funnel, heavy gauge steel, robust bottom rim and carrying handle, patented comfort grip trigger release, and brass pour spout & flame arrestor.

Eagle Gasoline Can meets OSHA and NFPA Code 30 requirements. It is also UL and ULC listed and is FM Factory Mutual approved for the safe handling and storage of gasoline and other flammable liquids.

Eagle can feature lead-free technology, constructed of 24-gauge hot dipped galvanized steel, deep drawn one-piece seamless body construction, non-sparking brass integral pour spout, with a spring closing lid with neoprene gasket which vents at 3-5 psi internal pressure.

The can features a fixed handle and patented comfort grip trigger release for easy dispensing, a double interlock no-weld bottom seam, 100% leak tested, and a baked on red powder coat finish.This is the best 5 gallon metal gasoline can in our list.


Wavian USA JC0020RVS Red Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

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Space won’t ever be an issue if you have this jumbo fuel can by your side. The Wavian JC0020RVS Red authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can from Wavian comes with a lot of functionality and practical use. This heavy-duty fuel can take up to approximately 20 liters of fuel and includes a spout and a spout adapter.

The reason for the adapter is that some gasoline-powered vehicles require a spout which is smaller in size so it can fit its filler. It is very easy and convenient to plug on the spout and operate it too.

It is fully coated with paint inside and outside and also has an internal breather pipe which makes it easy to pour with any splashes, and don’t worry about sturdiness and strength because this fuel can is constructed from 0. 9mm cold rolled steel and it even has a dual pan construction.

A unique wide channel breather also lets it pour the fuel very smoothly. Lastly, it has a strengthened hinge on the cap that prevents accidental mixing while being closed. This is the best jerry can according to our experts and customer feedback.


Factors to Check Before Getting a Gas Can

As I have stated earlier, it can be made with one of two components/ two type of fuel can – plastic and metal. Let me first talk about the advantages and disadvantages of plastic cans, and then I will move forward to metal cans.

Plastic Cans

Plastic cans and containers are widely used for home organization. There are advantages and disadvantages to using plastic tools and materials at your home. Plastic may or may not be the best option depending on the task. The benefits of the plastic include durability and cost.

Pros of a plastic gas can:


Plastic is a durable material. It is designed to endure a small amount of jolt. For example, if you take your lunch to work in a plastic container, it often gets thrown around in your bag without breaking. Similarly, if you use large plastic cans, it will withstand any pressure more effectively than other materials.

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Plastic is cheaper than metal. It is manufactured in vast quantities that cause the overall cost of this material to below. Plastic is used to make gas cans because if these cans become damaged with everyday use, the cost of replacing would be low for its users.

Cons of a plastic gas can:


Plastic decays over time. It is affected by scratching, excessive light, cracking, and denting. If you leave plastic cans stacked with heavy items for an extended period, the plastic will buckle and crack. For example, a fuel tank spreads up and becomes weaker by the days if it’s left unused for long.

Environmental impact:

Plastic has a tremendous impact on the environment. It is possible to recycle plastic, depending on your city’s recycling system, but many people don’t. Plastic is not biodegradable naturally. It means that it is not possible for the environment to readily dissolve this material.

Rather, it contaminates the soil by being broken down into smaller pieces. It is expensive to manage the toxicity that plastic creates. Recycling programs aim to get you to reduce the number of items you use, reuse your cans and recycle what you can no longer use.

Metal Cans

It’s aged from when metal and plastic are used side by side at homes. Like plastic, metal also has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us have a look at the positive and negative sides of a metal gas can.

Pros of metal gas can:


A metal gas can is durable, all right. Sometimes we face a dilemma as to whether the plastic is more durable or the metal. So let me reassure you that metal has slightly higher durability    than plastic. Though there is an issue of dentition and rusting in metal, there is a much lower probability of these problems to occur if the user is a bit cautious.

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Metals have a higher longevity ratio than the plastics. The ingredients that make up the metal make it last longer. Time can’t leave its foot-mark quite easily as on vinyl.

Environmental impact:

As opposed to plastic cans, metal gas cans don’t have any adverse effect on the environment. When the metal ages, it gets rusted and eventually mixed up with the soil. And most interestingly, it is good for the soil to be mixed up with a certain amount of metal.

Cons of metal gas can:


The most critical problem with a metal gas can is its weight. Metal is a heavy material. Though this being heavy helps it last longer, let’s face it – it will be heavy to carry anywhere.


Metal comes with a greater price than the plastics. So if you are opting for a metal fuel can, you should also be ready to compromise on the higher price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will a gas can explode in the sun?

Yes, some Gas Can explodes sometimes. It happens with cheap quality gasoline can that doesn’t contain flame arrestor. Flame arrestor can prevent explosions. It is a small piece of wire mesh placed in the gas can spout. Gas can let the gasoline not to pour out of the can and also prevent heat from the sun. The fuel tank is dangerous to keep storage can in the trunk of the vehicle. If the can doesn’t have flame arrestor and it heats up from the sunlight, then it can explode. It is better not to leave the gasoline can inside the trunk of the vehicle. And it is a must to purchase a fuel container that has flame arrestor included.

Q: Can a plastic gas can explode?

Yeah, any gasoline can explode if it doesn’t have flame arrestor included. If the vapor in storage can connect to a heat source like flame or fire than plastic made gasoline can explode as well. However, with extreme heat plastic cans can even melt. If you want to purchase gasoline can make of plastic make sure you go for a branded model. Otherwise, you can end up with a cheap product that can cause an extreme accident.

Q: How long can you keep gas in a gas can?

You can keep gas in storage can for about 3 to 5 months if sealed the container. However, you can keep gas in a gasoline container in between 6 to 8 months with fuel stabilizer. However, the American Petroleum Institute suggests not to store more than two years in an approved container without fuel stabilizer.

Q: How much a good quality gasoline container cost?

The price of gasoline container varies from brand to brand. However, gasoline container made plastic a bit inexpensive than metal once. Both the metal and plastic made container has their advantages and disadvantages. You should purchase one that will suit your need.


In this article, I have tried my level best to present you the right choices for the best gas can. I have gone through thousands of user ratings and reviews over the internet. I even bought some of them and tested for myself.

So have faith in me when I say that I am entirely sure of what I am saying about these brands and models. If you have experienced anything different than what I have written, please be generous to share the information with us in detail. In that way, we can keep you better informed.

Stay Happy!!! 🙂 🙂

6 Best Gas Can Reviews For DIY Freaks In 2019
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