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7 Best Rain Shower Head Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you love rain? Do you dream of showering in the rain every day? Well, you can’t control rain neither can you experience showering under a rain shower head every day in this busy city life.

Yes, there is something in the market that can really give you the experience of showering in the rain every day right into the privacy of your own bathroom. The Best Rain Shower Head can do that for you. Before moving forward, don’t forget to read our water saving guide.

best rain shower head

A rain shower head is designed to provide the experience of showering in the rain. It comes with different settings. Mostly, rain shower heads have a square or round disk-shaped head with a lot of small holes. Through the holes, water can pass evenly. There is the number of rain shower head models available in the market.

Some of the advanced models have different settings for different showering experience. Besides, the rain shower head has different shapes and designs. Those also made with a variety of materials and finishes. You can get steel made, chrome and brass whatever suits the decor of your bathroom.

In this article, we have discussed what to look for while buying in a rain shower head, the FAQs and also reviews on some great models available in the market. Scroll down to have a look at them first:

Editor’s Choice: Top 4 Rain Shower Heads

Picture Name Details
Delta RP52382 Touch-Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead Delta Rain Shower Head
DreamSpa 1482 LED Shower-Head DreamSpa LED Shower Head
Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead Waterpik Rain Showerhead

LORDEAR Showerhead

Best Rain Shower Head Reviews 2019

Moen S6345 Velocity Two-Function 8-1/2″ Diameter Spray Rain Showerhead

Moen S6345 Velocity Two-Function
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In ‘bathroom and kitchen accessories’ industry, Moen is one of the most reliable names. They offer a wide range of products with the great manufacturing quality and designs.

This ‘Moen S6345 Velocity Rain Shower Showerhead’ is no exception. It gets the highest rating on the Amazon reviews.

Size: The size of this rain shower head is standard for most of the modern bathroom arm. Overall, it has a dimension of 10.5 x 9.5 x 4.1 inches, which is bigger than many other traditional products for amazing showering experience.

Spray Pattern: This rainfall showerhead comes with two different spray settings combinations. You can get the excellent steam force and also, you can get a gentle steam pressure for the soft soothing experience.

Quality:  If you consider the quality of this product, you will be amazed. It is constructed of premium metal materials with a brushed nickel finish. Besides, Moen ensures that the finish will last a lifetime.

Types and Style: One of the most beautiful pieces of plumbing hardware. The look of this product is very classy. Wall-mounted and available in chrome color which can suit and easy to install almost all types of bathroom decor.


American Standard 10-Inch Modern Rain Easy Clean Showerhead

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The standard of the brand “American Standard” is unquestionable. For plumbing fixtures, they are an incomparable brand with a history of 140 years of success.

In our list of best rain showerhead reviews, this American Standard 1660.683.002 comes in the second place. The quality of this rain shower head is incredible.

Size: The size of this American Standard Rainfall shower head is slightly larger than the Moen shower head. It has a dimension of 11 x 10.9 x 3.3 inches. The difference is not that much.

However, if size means a lot to you, you can pick this one. But don’t forget to consider the arm size of the bathroom as well. Otherwise, you might end up in a weird fitting.

Spray Pattern: It comes with a single spray pattern. If you need a versatile showering experience, this should not be the right choice of yours. The water flow rate of this one is 2.5 gallons per minute.

Quality: This product is heavy duty. It is premium quality metal made with strong brass construction. Also, it has a polished chrome finish. And most importantly, it is made by American Standard, so you know how reliable the quality is!

Types and Style: It’s a ceiling mountable style best handheld rain shower head. If you don’t want to install your shower head on the wall you can choose this one. The installation system is quite simple. The design of this one is modern yet simple.


ALFI brand RAIN16R 16-Inch Solid Round Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

ALFI brand RAIN16R 16-Inch
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ALFI Brand is another famous one in plumbing and kitchen industry. Quality is the major concern of this brand. Their motto is to satisfy their users with durability.

That’s why they never compromise with the quality. This ALFI brand RAIN16R Rain Shower Head is one of their finest inventions.

It is one of the famous rain shower heads on the Amazon with loads of positive reviews.

Size: The size is much larger than the Moen and American Standard rain shower heads. It is a square rain shower head with a diameter of 16 x 16 x 0.1 inches.

If you are looking for large water coverage with good flow rate, you can pick this rain showerhead easily.

Spray Mode: A single pattern rain shower head without any versatility. If a simple model is enough for your purpose then this is it. The water flow rate of this best handheld shower head is sufficient with 2.2 Gallon per minute.

Quality: ALFI brand doesn’t compromise on the quality of their product. It is manufactured with stainless steel materials. It comes with a brushed stainless steel finish that provides a classy look as brushed nickel.

But the interesting fact is that this best rain showerhead will never hold any fingerprint mark.

Types and Style: A versatile rain shower head. You can install it on the wall or on the ceiling as per your need. Besides, the installation system is simple and convenient. The design of this shower head is classy and elegant. It comes in Brushed Stainless Steel color that can suit with any modern decor.


Delta RP52382 Touch-Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead

Delta RP52382 Touch-Clean Raincan Single-Setting Showerhead
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The Delta is another brand of trust in bathroom accessories industry. Their quality products which come in a reasonable price range, always made them different from others. Wirecutter also featured Delta shower head on their updated reviews.

Those who have a tight budget should consider the Delta. This Delta RP52382 Showerhead is considered as one of the best rainfall shower heads for the money.

Size: It’s a small rain showerhead with 2 x 8.8 x 2 inches in diameter. But yet it gives an outstanding coverage. If you have a small shower area, this will fit perfectly.

Spray Pattern: A single pattern rain showerhead with a full body spray that will provide a luxurious spa experience with 2.5 GPM flow rate.

Quality: The quality of Delta products is amazing always. This one is no exception. It is made of high-quality plastic materials. For the price, the quality is perfect. Besides, it has touch clean spray face for easy cleaning. That’s the secret behind its durability.

Types and Style: It is a wall mountable showerhead. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from. You can choose chrome, polished brass, stainless and the intriguingly named Venetian bronze. Provides a clean and contemporary look to any decor.


Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head

Koko Brand Rain16 16-inch Solid Square Ultra Thin Rain Shower Head
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Koko covered a wide variety of quality products including toilet, kitchen, sports, tools, kids’ stuff and many others. It is one of the well-known brands.

Koko Brand Rain16 Shower Head is another incredible invention of theirs. An inexpensive rain shower head that worth the money.

Size: Overall size of this product is decent. But it is not suitable for large bathroom areas. The dimension of this shower head is 0.1 x 16 x 16 inches. It provides outstanding coverage.

Spray Mode: It provides plain and simple single pattern. But the flow rate is quite enough for the comforting bathing experience.

Quality: The quality of this product is incredible as well. It is completely constructed with stainless steel materials. Also, it comes with stainless steel finishing.

Type and Style: It is a ceiling mountable rain shower head with an ultra-thin appearance.  It looks pretty stylish with Chrome Polished Stainless Steel color. The item will suit any décor perfectly.


DreamSpa 1482 LED Shower Head

DreamSpa 1482 LED Shower-Head
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Uniqueness is the strength of the DreamSpa. They are famous for their innovative designs. This DreamSpa Shower-Head is another example of their distinctiveness. The DreamSpa rainfall shower head was also featured on Shower Journal.

It is considered one of the most advanced LED showerheads of this time. Surprisingly, the LED lights are powered by running water. No electricity or battery is required.

Size: The size of this rain shower head is standard with 5 x 5 x 5 inches. It has an extra large 5.25-inch Chrome Face that offers a wide coverage area. For both large and smaller space, this item is perfectly suitable.

Spray Pattern: A multipurpose model with 5 different Settings. You will get Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain & Water-Saving Pause. A totally different bathing experience every single time.

Quality: It is constructed with premium quality stainless steel materials. It will last a lifetime that is for sure.

Type and Style: Pretty elegant in design with colorful LED lights feature. The lights change automatically according to water temperature. It has 3 color options available.


Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead

Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Rain Fall Showerhead
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Waterpik is one of the underrated brands with amazing quality. They manufacture premium quality products and markets them at a reasonable price. Business Insider has also featured this brand.

When it comes to value for money, Waterpik RPB-173 Drenching Showerhead is another best option for you.

Size: The size of this shower head is standard for most of the modern bathroom. It comes with 7.8 x 6.4 x 12 inches diameter. The coverage of water is full body.

Also, it will allow you to adjust the arm position to directly overhead or from an angle.

Spray Pattern: It has single pattern showerhead. The water pressure is quite astonishing. It offers 2.5 GPM of flow rate. Your bathing experience will be amazing with the single pattern. Also, it has advanced OptiFlow Technology included for high pressure and full body spray.

Quality: Manufactured with premium quality plastic so that it can serve a couple of years without any issue.

Type and Style: A round shaped showerhead, which is wall mountable.


What Should be There in The Best Rain Showerhead?

When purchasing the best one, you have to consider some facts:

  • The first and foremost concern is the size of your rain shower head. The big the shower head is, the effects it will be. However, most of the rain shower heads have a size between 8 inches to 10 inches.
  • Consider the quality of the product you are going to purchase. Usually, the products from renowned brands are always good. But you might have to spend a few dollars more.
  • Thirdly, you have to consider the fit. No matter what you pick, whether be it a wall mountable or a ceiling mounted rain shower head, you have to get one that fits perfectly.
  • Fourthly, you have to think through the design and spray pattern of the rain shower head. There are a lot of rain showerheads available in the market with a verity of designs and spray patterns. Some rain shower heads have a single spray pattern where some other has multiple settings.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Rain Shower Head

Q: What is the best rain showerhead brand?

There is a battle among the Moen, American Standard and Delta about the seat of the topper. Besides, some other companies like Waterpik, Dreamspa are making good quality rain shower heads as well. All of them are amazing.

Q: How much do I need to spend for rain shower head?

It depends. If you need a rain shower head with the number of spray patterns and other additional features, you have to spend a bit more.

Q: What materials are good for rain shower head?

Well, your first priority should be on the stainless steel made rain shower heads. They last more. But recently some manufacturers are making high-quality plastic made rain shower heads too. Those are also worth to buy.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with us. I think you already got your model, but before leaving I want to suggest you one thing about buying any new shower head; Checkout the flow rate and ensure that is water conserving and fit your shower perfectly!

Stay connected! 🙂 🙂

7 Best Rain Shower Head Reviews and Buying Guide
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