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Easy Ways to Save Water at Home in Our Daily Life

We all need to save water at home as well as other public places. According recent statistics, by 2025 the world population is going to face a critical water crisis. Though the Earth is about 70% water, but in reality only 2.5% of the total water is usable/drinkable by human.

And even more scary is that the most of it is in frozen state in the poles as ice caps and glaciers. Yes, there is still a lot of fresh water remaining, but 1.5% is under the earth crust buried deep inside. We only get to use 1% of the total fresh water as it’s accessible to us.

And with a rapidly growing world population with the increasing needs of water, we will soon run out of it. You know what that means? Less food production as agriculture requires a lot of fresh water. Two third of the total world population will starve, lands will become dry and drought will reign everywhere, and major climate changes will occur.

Now, in this situation, is there anything that can be done to save water at home? Well, yes, there are. And just by making simple changes in your lifestyle, we can make huge differences in saving and preserving water which is necessary for our survival in this planet.

Save Water in Bathroom

  • Don’t let the water running while you are brushing, use only when you need it.
  • Use hand showers or shower head with low-flow water setting. If you use the bathtub only fill it half way and it will adjust when you lay down in it.
  • Check the bathroom and toilet utensils and parts whether they are working properly. Make sure there are no leakages.
  • When you wash your laundries, wait until you have a full load of laundries to wash. This way you will have to use less water each time.
  • You don’t have to shower every day to stay clean and healthy. Researchers found that showering twice a week is more than enough for us to stay healthy.

save water at home

Save Water in Kitchen

  • Use only the amount of water you need precisely to cook.
  • Try to conserve any leftover water after use if it’s reusable.
  • When you wash vegetables, wash them in a bowl.
  • Don’t keep the tap running. Instead, keep a hand full of water in a container and use it with a cup when you need it.
  • When washing dishes, use high-quality detergents, so you need less water to clean it.
  • You can even buy a dishwasher but make sure it has a light-wash option.
  • Try to change your diet to vegetables and stay away from sugary foods like Candies, chips, and sodas; it takes a lot of water to process them.
  • Drink less coffee and tea; it is best you drink fresh fruit juices from seasonal fruits.

Save water at home

Water Preservation in Lawn

  • Try to water the plants and trees in the morning and late evening as the water reaches the plant roots easier during these times.
  • Install an automatic water sprinkler and position it in a way that the water sprinkled only reaches the plants.
  • Add organic matter to the soil which is a great way to improve the soil fertility and increase soil water holding capacities.
  • Keep open containers in your gardens, roofs, and lawns to catch rainwater.

So, these are the ways to save water at home. Every one of us should follow these simple tips to reduce the amount of water uses to save the Earth!

Easy Ways to Save Water at Home in Our Daily Life
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