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7 Best Hot Glue Gun To Buy in 2019

We all know the importance of a hot glue gun specially those people are highly performing DIY projects. It may be home repairs, arts, and crafts projects. The guns deliver a quick flow of hot glue to tie almost any articles like wood, stone, metal, glass, and so on.

Best Hot Glue Gun

Suppose you have a toddler. One day you buy her a beautiful teddy. Your kid is all too happy with the stuffy and fluffy toy. She liked it so much that she doesn’t even go to sleep without the teddy. But you know toddlers. They are bound to do something fishy. And that’s what your kid did. She tore off an eye of the teddy. And there goes the siren! She is crying her guts out. What do you do now?

So, you are looking for a glue gun and glue like  Gorilla Super Glue for (DIY) repairing the object.

See, here comes the necessity of the glue gun hacks. Why? Because you need to stick to the eye of the teddy as soon as possible. Or else your kid won’t stop crying. And not only this, we need a professional hot glue gun for many more reasons in our everyday life.

Neither, imagine that you have a college assignment. You need to make a scrapbook or Christmas decoration gifts. Or maybe something for a science project. So you need a lot of stickiness and gluiness, and all that.

Let’s say your router’s antenna is broken into half, or your CPU’s restart button has come off. In all these scenarios, you will need the best hot glue gun to do the trick quickly and efficiently. Read and decide you which are the best.

Top 3 Glue Guns for DIYer:

Picture Name Latest Price
Surebonder-PRO2-100-100-Watt-High-Temperature-Industrial-Glue-Gun Surebonder PRO2 Industrial Glue Gun
Pam-HB220-220-Watt-Adjustable-Temperature-Glue-Gun Pam HB220 Hot Glue Gun
Cobiz-Full-Size-glue-gun Cobiz Hot Glue Gun

Best Hot Glue Gun Reviews

So, what turns an ordinary glue gun to the best? The features, usability, competitive pricing, and things like these. Today we will review some of the top brands available in the market. Looking below illustrate our reviews for the top models of 2019:

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt Industrial Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2 100 100 Watt
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An absolute stunner from Surebonder. This product has the ability to work with any glue sticks. The heavy duty industrial hot glue gun can be used in manufacturing as well as in packaging process.

Key Features

Ease of use: This industrial grade heavy duty hot glue gun is very easy to use. Just plug in the cord, pull the trigger, and that’s it. No need to have a professional training for that.

Ergonomic design: When you take the gun into your hand, you will find that everything is exactly where you need it. And no matter which hand you are using – left or right. That is the beauty of an ergonomic design.

Home use: If you are a Do It Yourself person, this gun is the perfect choice for you. The 100-watt glue gun enables you to do chores perfectly. It’s 1.1 pounds lightweight body makes it easier to handle.


Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun

Pam HB220 220 Watt Adjustable Temperature
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In at number 2 we have an adjustable temperature glue gun from Pam. The manufacturer claims that it’s not a typical glue gun. It’s a professional grade adhesive system designed for all purpose use.

It can be used for flooring installation, remodeling, and repair applications, carpet tack strip installation, hardwood flooring start and finish rows, floor transition strips, interior wood trim, moldings, ceramic tile repair, and many more.

Key Features

Adjustable temperature: The most important feature of this model is the temperature adjust-ability which makes it able to go with any glue stick in the market.

Industrial use: This heavy duty high-quality glue gun is the right choice for any industrial use. Packaging business, non-woven bag manufacturing, Glass factories, Roofing and siding contractors, and other industries like these can use the best glue gun 2019 to complete their task.

Quick use: The glue gun reaches to its maximum heating capacity in 3-5 minutes. You don’t need to wait a long time to use it. It saves your valuable time and energy.

Drip free nozzle: It comes with a proprietary drip free nozzle, avoiding the mess while using.


Cobiz Hot Glue Gun

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At number three we have the best hot glue gun from Cobiz. This hot glue gun is a one of its kind. It has a superior design and operates very smoothly. Anyone who has this hot glue gun won’t even think about replacing it soon or more over they may even not have too. So without further adieu, let’s get straight to the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Key Features

Automatic thermostat: It comes with an automatic thermostat system which prevents overheating. It conserves energy big time! So you get a lesser amount of power bills at the end of the month.

Maximum heating in minimum time: It heats up very rapidly and has a unique dual power setting for up to 60-100 watts. It features a German ceramic PTC thermal heating system that ensures quick preheating.

Anti-drip nozzle: Like the previous one it also has a non-dripping technology in its nozzle. These nozzles are insulated and interchangeable. It has a hole to cool it down and a rubber coating for easy cleaning.

Free glue sticks: This best hot glue gun also comes with 10 pieces of environment friendly glue sticks with super strong adhesive.

Ergonomic design: It is constructed with the highest quality of materials and has a brilliant ergonomic design that makes it very easy to grip on to and operate smoothly.


AdTech Two Temp Hot Glue Gun

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This little machine from AdTech is a fine one to use it at home improvement. Best for personal use. It’s small but effective. It has two temperature range settings for gluing different materials.

Key Features

2 temperature setting: This hot glue gun has two different temperature setting; high and low. For wood, metal, and glass there is high temp. And for working with foam, lace, fabric, or other delicate materials – choose the low temp option.

Precision nozzle: If you are working with something very VERY delicate, you have the option with the needle nozzle. It will make you able to work between small cracks. It is also ideal for small or medium sized materials.

Easy use: A needle nozzle, a comfort grip, a 6 feet stand, and a removable cord makes it ideal for easy use.

Power without cord: Let’s say you have to work in a corner of your home where there is no socket. Using an extended cord or a power strip can be hectic at times. Keeping that in mind the manufacturer developed a system so that you can use the gun without the power cord for up to 5 minutes. How cool is that!

Lightweight: With only 8 ounces in weight, this hot glue gun is really easy to carry and use for all age group.


Surebonder HE-750 High Temperature Professional Glue Gun

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At number five we have another model from Surebonder. The difference with the previous one is that it comes with 80 watts as opposed to 100 watts. Though the performance is not that much distorted as you are probably thinking.

Key Features

Low power consumption: With the decreased wattage, this hot glue gun consumes less power than the bigger ones and still gives the perfect performance.

Ergonomic design: Like the previous model, it also has an ergonomic design for the easy use.

Precision: With removable wire stand and specialty nozzles, you can expect precision work from this gun.


Stanley Tools GR20AX Trigger Feed Hot-Melt Glue Gun

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Stanley Tools has brought a decent hot melt glue gun in the market. It has a dimension of 8.3 x 7.3 x 1.9 inches with 13.6 ounces in weight. It uses 120 volts and 30 watts. This gun flexible trigger for diy users.

Key Features

Easy to use: This best hot melt glue gun works is perfect for use in arts and craft project.

Quick heating and gluing: This glue gun heats up too quickly and bonds within as less as 60 seconds.

Glue sticks: It uses 0.45’’ hot melt dual temperature glue sticks. You will get 12 such glue sticks for free with the product.

Certification: In addition to everything this product is certified as frustration-free by Amazon itself. What more could be expected?


Arrow Fastener TR550 Lever Feed Glue Gun

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This 12.6 ounces, 100 watts glue gun from Arrow Fastener is a good machine to choose. Overall it’s a good machine for your need. And most importantly, it has many small yet effective features which bring it to the list.

Key Features

Circuitry: It has a heavy duty circuitry that enables the gun to take the work pressure smoothly. And when the machine takes the pressure smoothly, it is bound to last long.

Glue flow control: There are check valves to control the glue flow so that you can get the exact amount of glue needed.

Anti-dripping technology: It comes with a non-drip nozzle and a built-in drip tray stand.

Trigger mechanism: It runs with a lever, rather than an ordinary trigger, giving you comfort and less stress in using the gun. The lever feed reduces hand fatigue for the users. It uses full sized glue sticks.

Even application: For even application, it has a high volume melt chamber. It is highly durable and long lasting.


Considerations for Buying the Best Hot Glue Gun

Till now we have described all the good sides and possible ‘no-so-good’ sides of each model. You may get a whole picture from the conversation. But if you are a skeptic like me, you might have some other questions in mind. For example, is there anything else to consider before buying one finally?

Well yes, there is. You have to keep in mind that all these products are made in either Taiwan or China. Though they make it global use, you need to be sure of the volts and plugs before buying. Because in China they use 220 volts, but Taiwan uses 110V. And the standard American volt usage is 120 volts.

Again, in Asia, they use slightly thinner pins in plugs with a smaller width between the two pins. Sometimes it may also use a 3-pin plug. So make sure you know well of these facts before buying.

Another factor is that some of the models offer free glue sticks while some of them don’t. So, make sure to read the product guide well before making a purchase. That way you can be sure of what you are getting and what not. Also, check the cord length. Normally the cords are smaller in length.

So be prepared with an extended cord if you choose a model with short length cord. And no model has demonstrated that it may run on batteries, so do not keep high hopes for that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hot glue gun?

The hot Glue gun is a device that dispenses hot melt adhesives. Those are used to make a secure connection between objects. A best hot glue gun for woodworking, metalworking, fabric, and so many projects sealing and quick.

Q: Can you glue wood with hot glue?

Yes but not all the glues are compatible with wood. There are several best hot glue guns available in the market that is suitable for woodworking. If you need the best glue gun for wood, you have to keep this in mind.

Q: Can you use a hot glue gun on fabric?

Yes is here as well. You can use a hot glue gun on fabric as soon as you get the right glue stick. I mean not all the glue stick or hot melt is proper for bonding fabric. If you need to use a glue gun on cloth, pick the right glue stick.

Q: What is the difference between high temperature and low-temperature glue guns?

A high-temperature hot glue gun rises to 380 degrees Fahrenheit where a low temperature glue gun ranges from 170 to 250 degree. High-temperature glue guns are industrial grade, and a low-temperature glue gun is suitable for home improvement use. But both of the types are dangerous and can barn. So, while using, be careful. 


Having a glue gun can ease up your life to a good extent. Having the best hot glue gun is a wise decision. Because you don’t need a glue gun that falls off after a couple of weeks’ use.

So think well before buying. Because the right one can make your life easy but the wrong one can make it a living hell. Good luck with your creativity and DIYness.

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